AgileTD Open Air & COVID-19

Nothing is more important to us than the health and well-being of our customers, sponsors, speakers, employees and of course everyone’s families. We have been and are very closely watching the COVID-19 situation, any updates from the government and local health authorities.

To protect everyone’s health, we will employ a safety plan in collaboration with the location and health officials. We will do everything in our hand to lower the risk to a minimum.


  • We will apply the 2G++ rule. This means access to the event will have fully vaccinated or recovered people only - that's what 2G stands for: vaccinated & recovered (in german: geimpft & genesen). The first + (plus) means we also allow access only if you bring a negative Covid test which is not older than 24 hours. The 2nd + (plus) stands for wearing medical masks or FFP2-masks at any food or beverage station whenever the distance of 1,5 metres cannot be kept.
  • The location which we have chosen is an outdoor area and can host up to 3.000 attendees. We will make a limitation on the number of 350 participants to avoid crowded situations and to make sure we can keep a safe distance.
  • We kindly ask everyone to bring and wear your own masks. We will also hand out additional masks whenever you need to wear a new one or you run out of stock with your own masks.
  • For the conf day on May 18 & 19 we will provide rapid tests for all our attendees.
  • Hand sanitizers will be provided and will be necessary to be utilized before entering the food corner or workshop areas.
  • If you do not support the safety rules, we regret that unfortunately you cannot attend this event with us.
  • Anyone breaking the safety rules, even after a warning notice, will need to be expelled from the event, NO ticket refunds.


However, should the situation not allow us to run the event, you can count on the refund of your ticket and payment. 

We optimistically look forward to the future and we look forward to welcoming you to our very first AgileTD Open Air Edition in Cologne in May 2022!