Call for Papers for AgileTD Open Air 2023 is: CLOSED

Welcome to the AgileTD Open Air 2023 Call for Papers.
Gather your ideas and send your abstract(s) until August 31, 2022!


Submissions are open for the following session types:

25 min Talks 
A concise presentation on a specific topic in front of an audience.

105 min Workshops
Workshops are designed to teach or develop a certain skill.
They are directed towards collaborating and learning in an interactive environment.
Workshops should contain at least 50% practical exercises.

Bonus Sessions
Fun and creative session that provides a balance to the agile, testing-related and technical sessions.

Social Activity
Sessions that start or roundup a conference day to encourage networking and socializing.


The AgileTD Open Air features sessions and opportunities unique to the venue and we welcome all ideas that take these special circumstances into account. Hey, we are at the beach laugh, there is lots of room for expansive workshops or active sessions. If you have an idea that won't fit into any of the given categories, please send us an email and we will guide you along.