Multifunctional Spare Time - Day 1

Time for summer & beach activities! Use the time to have a rest or take a sunbath, but don't forget to put on some sun lotion! 

Hang-up at the beach or the bar and chill and network with your peers! Visit the exhibitor booths, have a chat and check-out their tools and services. Or just find some pals and play some card games or any games. 

If you want some more action and if you want to connect with people while doing sports, here is what we have organized for you:

  • Volleyball: sports or beach gear & a towel needed, meet at 16:30 at the Volleyball Court (or join any time later)
  • Find some pals and play a round of Viking Chess
  • Grab a SUP and go for an adventure on the lake

All this is nothing for you? Check out our other offerings during this time slot. Just check out the program and join the Code Reading Club or Bug Hunting - Explored.