Smoke Tests & Mirrors The Magic in Test Automation


Wednesday 14th,

8:30 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.


Main Stage – at the Beach

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Bonus Session,

All levels




  • See how experiences in a completely unrelated field can be highly beneficial for your professional life
  • Think about aspects of software testing and development from a different angle
  • Get to know a little more about the magic world and have some fun with it

As a magician, I noticed that some magic principles also apply to software testing. In this session I will connect those two subjects.

Having been a magician for 35 years, I started noticing that some magic principles and theories also apply to software testing. In this session, I will try to connect those two seemingly unrelated subjects. This will show that everything you learn has an impact on how you behave and what you do professionally. This is based on a series of blog posts that I wrote about this subject with more to come in the future:,automation During this session I will talk about * Misdirection * Force * Repetition * Clarity * Framing * Time Lapse * Conviction * Failure and * Hidden Complexity