Scavenger hunt v2.0 Ready? Steady! GO! - time is ticking - can you and your team solve the tasks and get back in time?

Your team has to complete a number of tasks within a certain amount of time. Team that completes the most tasks (in the best way) within the set time wins

On your marks! Get Ready! GOOOOOO In this social activity session, you and your team (max. 4 people per team - some task may require 4 people....) are sent out to solve different tasks within a certain time-box. You'll need guts, creative thinking and teamwork to solve the different tasks that your game master will provide to you! Once we start, your team will be provided with a sealed envelope with several tasks. At my mark you open the envelope, plan how to solve your tasks, and then head of - be sure to get back before the time runs out! Once back you provide the required proof of tasks solved, do a retrospective and then you are ready for round 2. After the second round, you do another retrospective, and the winners will be announced. The winners will be the team that solves the most tasks, or if it comes to it, solves the tasks in the best way. So, join me in this fun game that most certainly will challenge you but absolutely also will give some good laughs.

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