Party at the Beach - Live Band & DJ

This year's Wednesday beach party will be sponsored by De Agile Testers from the Netherlands and Belgium ( //

At 9:30 p.m. we will start with the iconic "Fairly Drunk Unicorns" a live band formed out of members and musicians working for De Agile Testers. The band's live debut was at the Aile Testing Days in November 2022 in Potsdam, when they performed their very first released single "We gotta save the Unicorns". Check out the official music video here: 

Or listen to it on Spotify, Amazon Music or iTunes.

The band member set-up for the Open Air will not be the original cast. For this June the Fairly Drunk Unicorns will be featured and supported by people and musicians from the Agile Testing Community - be surprised!

Get ready for the 2nd live performance and check out their new teaser:

Fairly Drunk Unicorns - New Teaser Banner


After the live band gig, DJ Patrick from De Agile Testers will take over the "turn tables" and will present a mix of some great party music, which will make you all want to dance the whole night long. Patrick will be supported by DJ Eddy!