Meeting facilitation - from ok to great


Tuesday 13th,

2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Tent at "Machbar"

Session Type

Bonus Session,

All levels


Testers, managers, product owners or anyone leading meetings


  • Inclusion and diversity - why and how?
  • Facilitation tools and techniques
  • Making everyone an active participant

In this hands-on session we will focus on tools and techniques for guiding and controlling the meeting. Hands-on facilitation skills to bring home to your team.

You’ve mastered the basics of how to make a meeting valuable. You know how to create an agenda, pick the right participants, tailor a format to the wanted outcome. Follow up and feedback - you got this covered, but then what? How do you go from ok to great and make your meetings the best they can be?

From setting rules and getting everyone on board to managing momentum and keeping the group on track - facilitation can be a demanding role and it often doesn’t get the focus it deserves. It requires bravery, diplomacy and a good sense of reading the room. As a facilitator, you need a good variety of tools as well as understanding when to use which, and how. Great facilitation skills is a value multiplier skill like few others.

In this workshop we will leave the before and after parts and focus on the role during the meeting: Guiding and controlling the actual meeting, workshop or event. We will focus on trying things in a very hands-on and interactive way. There will be theory but the lion share will be YOU getting your feet wet trying and discussing with peers.

Put on your training shoes and join us for a practical training where you get to try out different facilitation tools and techniques in a friendly setting. Let’s expand our toolbox and grow our practical skills together.

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