Identifying Code Smells


Thursday 15th,

3:30 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.


Talks (Track 2) – Indoor Hall

Session Type

25-minute Talk,

Advanced session


Developers, testers involved in code reviews, anyone interested


  • Learn about what code smells are
  • Discover the benefits of identifying code smells
  • Get to know categories of code smells

This is about the different kinds of code smells and how they can be identified.

Code smells occur in the source code of an application and can indicate deeper problems that are not apparent at first glance. Identifying and fixing these issues helps tremendously in securing and future-proofing the application and allows developers and testers to better understand, maintain, extend, and test the code. In this session, I will highlight different types of code smells, explain what is problematic about them and how they can affect your code. You will learn how to recognize code smells and how to proceed if you discover any.