How to improve your Unit Tests? Techniques, methods and ideas to improve your unit tests


Wednesday 14th,

1:15 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.


Workshops (Track 3) – Indoor "Machbar"

Session Type

105-minute Workshop,

Advanced session




  • How to write 'sensible' unit tests
  • Techniques to assess the quality of your unit tests.
  • techniques and lifehacks to facilitate unit testing


laptop with internet access

Unit Tests are a means of getting quick feedback on your code. However a lot of unit tests are poor if they exist at all.

Unit tests are the key to short feedback cycles. Properly set up unit tests can help in getting early feedback, but also usefull aid when refactoring code. If they are set up properly. In this workshop we will focus on the proper set up of unit tests, how to improve on them and what techniques can be used to assess and improve your unit tests.