Hands on with AI for Testing and Testing AI Systems


Thursday 15th,

2:30 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.


Workshops (Track 3) – Indoor "Machbar"

Session Type

105-minute Workshop,

All levels


Tester, Developer, Business Analyst, Manager


  • Foundations of AI and Machine Learning
  • AI for Test Automation
  • Testing AI and Machine Learning Systems



This workshop introduces you to the use of AI for testing, and methods to validate AI systems through through a series of hands-on, practical exercises.

Industry practitioners, vendors and researchers are leveraging AI and machine learning (ML) to develop a new wave of test automation tools. These tools automatically explore, model, reason, learn, and test software applications. With all of the hype and marketing around AI/ML, it can be difficult to determine what this technology is really all about. What are the benefits and limitations of using AI/ML for testing? How do I get started? What tools are available? Are there additional skills I need to learn? In this workshop, you'll get hands-on with AI for software testing by training your first neural network. You'll play around with computer vision technologies and learn how these advances are being applied to testing problems. You'll also gain practical experience and insights into how AI/ML systems are trained, validated, and evaluated using ML libraries such as Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, and more.