Effective Testing in Agile Environments Yes, testing can still exist


Wednesday 14th,

10:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


Workshops (Track 4) – Tent at "Machbar"

Session Type

105-minute Workshop,

All levels


Anyone involved in testing within agile development


  • Discover ways to perform effective testing in Agile Environments
  • Effectively report on the effective testing you perform
  • Identify the elements of how testing is organized at your place of work

More and more, companies are relying on automation and shift left policies that are reducing the effectiveness of good testing. This workshop will discover ways to reverse the trend.

"Shift Left", "Automate Everything", and "Eliminate Testers" appear to be the way that many companies are heading with respect to quality and testing. The problem with these approaches in that they fundamentally do not understand what good testing provides to a project and how vulnerable they are becoming to future catastrophic failures. In this workshop we will identify the different environments that the participants work within. Then, working in groups, a team will be provided one of the situations. That team will attempt to identify issues with that current approach (how things might go wrong, inefficiencies and other problems). After reviewing the problems with everyone, the team will attempt to provide solutions to the problems and then share them with the other teams. Paul already has some of his own ideas which he will share after the teams have presented their solutions. The output of this workshop - problems and solutions - will be summarized and presented on Day 2 in a track talk.

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