Code Reading Club Session at the Beach


Wednesday 14th,

4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Tent at "Machbar"

Session Type

Bonus Session,

All levels


Everyone dealing with code or adjacent to people dealing with code


  • Why we want to practice code reading (why are we doing this?)
  • Practice techniques to get an understanding of different aspects of code
  • Different approaches and values of the group
  • Resources to start your own Code Reading Club

Let’s practice reading some unknown code together and try to make it make sense and learn something about how we read code.

Code Reading is an often overlooked skill and even a lot of coders are not very proficient or effective at it.

In this exercise, developed by Felienne Hermans (, we will look together at an unknown piece of code and use different techniques to get an understanding of

- First glance

- Code structure

- Content


There is no right or wrong, no winner or competition, the goal is to reflect on how we read code and practice some techniques that can help to get a quicker and deeper understanding of the code.

This session is for all levels. Participants should have had some exposure to code (what are variables, functions, conditions), but the club can provide value for a lot of people in different roles adjacent to coding. This specific session will focus more on beginner-level techniques. Approx. length: 60 minutes

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