The 7Ps rule or; Proper Planning & Preparation, Prevents P... Poor Performance. But do we prevent, do we plan and prepare early enough?


Wednesday 18th,

11:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


Talks (Track 2) – Indoor Hall

Session Type

25-minute Talk,

Advanced session


Anyone engaged in product development, PMs, POs, BAs, Delivery teams


  • Learn how you can contribute to the process of finding out what the right product with the right features is
  • Validate the solution up front

Prevention over detection - roughly the statement by Growing Agile in their Testing Manifesto. By moving the effort up front we are more likely to deliver the right product in the right quality

Proper Planning & Preparation, Prevents P... Poor Performance. This is also known as the 7Ps rule, a rule that is highly enforced within the armed forces. Let me quote Staff Sgt. Thomas Brick, 332nd Expeditionary Contracting Squadron, US Air Force: "The Seven Ps should be utilized while deployed more than ever, because if we fail to properly plan here* then the poor performance to follow could be the loss of life or multimillion dollar aircraft." He also states: "Seven Ps aren’t just useful for the big things: they are useful in everyday operations and can make your job much easier. When any project comes to you, you should immediately set a plan in motion to not only get it accomplished, but to get it accomplished the right way.". So how do we do that? How can we do proper planning and preparation when it comes to building software? As-is, many companies don't validate the solution up front, they don't know if it's the right product for the right people, they are to busy delivering to make sure what they do is the right thing. This talk will give you a picture of the "to-be", it will cover what happens before a backlog is created and how we can make sure to validate the solution up front, by for instance using pretotyping, personas, RAT (Riskiest Assumption Testing), Design Sprints and much more, before we start building it. Lets get focus on the right solution in the right quality, lets start doing some proper planning and preparation! *) Iraq 2005

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