STRIDE - Jumpstart Threat Modelling in Your Team Explore the Six Foundations of Security from Attacker Perspective


Thursday 19th,

2:30 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.


Workshops (Track 3) – Indoor "Machbar"

Session Type

105-minute Workshop,

All levels


Anyone with interest in Application and device security


  • Learn Six Foundational Security Attributes
  • Learn Six Types of Attacks Mapped to Security Attributes
  • Learn to Identify and Organise Security Testing Ideas
  • Learn Pragmatic Security Test Planning
  • Learn How to Brainstorm Security Testing Ideas

Learn to identify and organise "Abuse Cases" to Build and Test Security

Organisations and individuals who are either getting started with security or are in the initial phase of it, face one key challenge - mapping of security tests. Even those who are doing it for some years mostly have little idea with respect to overall coverage of security. Threat modelling provides a way to get started with and organise your security testing efforts. This workshop takes you through the core initial aspects of threat modelling based on the STRIDE model developed by Microsoft.

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105-minute Workshop

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