PowerPoint Karaoke

PowerPoint Karaoke is a fun way to train your speaking skills!

No matter if you are a pro or a new voice speaker the PPT Karaoke challenge will definetly help you to improve your stage performances. At PPT Karaoke it is not about the content it is about the way you deliver your topic and it doesn't matter if you speak about cat food, the theroy of relativity, ice cream or software testing. Talking about an unknown topic, and making the audience believe you are an expert, that's the high art of speaking!

Trust us this format comes with many laughter, lots of entertaiment and brings a lot of fun. Even as a participant only in the audience you can learn a lot by observing the speaker, while he or she tries to survive on stage! 

In our AgileTD PowerPoint Karaoke session people can step on the stage spontaneously to held a presentation to a certain random topic, with random slides, slides that usually not fit at all with the main topic and a slide deck that also switches randomly. Each speaker will have about 5-10 minutes stage time!