How To Make Team Meetings Not Suck


Wednesday 18th,

10:45 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.


Workshops (Track 4) – Tent at "Machbar"

Session Type

105-minute Workshop,

All levels


Everyone that is part of team meetings - so pretty much everyone ;)


  • How to include every voice
  • Types of communication and settings - make them work for you
  • Communication theory - why does it matter
  • Continuous improvement - make your meetings evolve

Many meetings are done so badly that they lose all or most value. We want to show how to make them a thriving, energizing, encouraging, and impactful experience.

Do you look forward to your regular team meetings? Or are you just enduring it by doing “real work” at the same time and silently thinking “This could have been an email or a Slack thread”?

What if you could join a meeting that energizes you, because it clarifies and aligns the goals with your teammates. A meeting that encourages you, because what is talked about matters for your daily work. A meeting that even satisfies you, because it has an impact and deepens the relationship to your coworkers?

While we can all agree most of us are in too many meetings, there are times when a meeting is the right choice. Unfortunately, so many meetings are done so badly that they lose all, or most, value. We would like to help you change that, one meeting at a time, making them valuable and even enjoyable for the participants.

As a meeting facilitator - do you make sure to adapt so your meeting fits the objectives and attendees? As a meeting participant - do you take responsibility to do what you can, and need, to make the meeting valuable to yourself and others? In this workshop we will mix theory with discussions and practical exercises as we dive into things like: why communication is hard but important, how to make all people talk and be heard, the importance of time boxing and agendas, different meeting formats, and finding a common language. In the process we might even be able to answer the age old question of Why Do You Agile Folks Always Have To Pull Off These Childish Games!

WARNING! This will be a high participation experience!

- We will iterate over 5 meetings
- You will get instructions, individually or as a group
- You will change groups between meetings

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