AgileTD Open Air Festival is running!

We currently have fun live and in-person at our very first AgileTD Open Air learning festival. See what's happening on twitter and make sure to follow us to join the next edition!

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What is the AgileTD Open Air Outdoor Conference?

The AgileTD Open Air outdoor conference is a 2-day open air conference with 2 talk tracks and  20 expert speakers. Parallel to that we will have workshops and other interactive sessions and activities running for some hands-on learning. 

You can expect 4 keynotes, 16 talks and 8 workshops as well as the usual AgileTD carefree package. This includes snacks, lunch, dinner, beverages, drinks and bonus sessions, like running, open spaces and an entertaining evening program. On top there is a morning, afternoon and night shuttle to bring you home to your hotel safe and sound. Your 2-day AgileTD Open Air ticket also includes the Kick-off evening on May 17, 2022.

The Blackfoot Beach festival area will be accessible with a valid ticket and pass only. You better come prepared :-)

In case it rains, you should have an umbrella with you! The stages and workshops are sheltered. If it rains cats and dogs we may postpone certain sessions to a later point during the 2 conference days.

Comfortable toilets, showering, hygiene stations and anything else you need will be available at the festival area.

Accommodation will be possible in nearby hotels in Cologne downtown. If you like camping there is an area right next to the Blackfoot Beach event location. Shuttle busses will drive in the morning, afternoon and evening from Cologne - downtown to the Blackfoot Beach. Details on hotel deals and how to book will soon be released.

Food and Drinks will be included in your ticket price. We serve breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. 

You will be able to move around and switch between workshops and the stages whenever and as much as you want.

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